Penone Design is 100% made in Provence.

In the Luberon Bruno selects unique wood pieces already transformed by many years, and where the wood’s shape inspire him the best creations.

penone design


During his rides and hikes in the forest, he can see many tree trunc, stump or root tables whereas we just see an old piece of wood.

These pieces will be mix with other materials according to his imagination or the customer request.


The live edge wooden table tops come from a local sawmill ‘La Bernadette’. They work with the ONF ‘Forest National Office’ and they are specialized in Luberon Cedar and Provence cypres. Those table tops are hardly selected to give us a natural and hight quality result.

Each piece of wood is one of a kind and however the shape looks like, it twill be used on it’s best side and will be mixed with others materials like painted metal, glass, stainless steel, or resin, to make tables or other kind of contemporary style furniture. Unlike to driftwood where there is no more smell, fade and gray colors with a fluffy texture.

At Penone Design, wood is striped our sanded and polished. A lot of different colors appear in the lines of the wood without to tell you about the smell especially if its cedar, cypres or wild Juniper. You will have a natural parfume from the forest in your home.

penone design